8 Jul

Ok, so i obviously forgot I had a blog for about a year. Things are changing in life now, I’ve been very unhappy at my job for many reasons, the biggest being the distance. A commute of over an hour in combination with long hours just isn’t working out anymore. So I’m chopping my days down and taking up work closer to home at 2 places. I’ve been at the one place for so long it’s scary starting elsewhere, so I’m nervous about my first day tomorrow and especially nervous at my second “first day” at the other place on tuesday! I’m usually a boring creature of habit and change doesn’t go down well for me. Fingers crossed!


Recent Purchases

27 Jun

Fcuk cardigan. Was down to $50

Sandler Telegram Shoes

Sandler Telegram Shoes down to $80 from $130

Currently Playing

26 Jun
Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

Game Prince isn’t as cute as Jake Gyllenhaal, but he’ll have to do 😛 I must like this cos I come home from work and lose my evenings to it now.

Want List

26 Jun
Laura Mercier Stick Gloss

Laura Mercier Stick Gloss

Laura Mercier Powder Foundation

Laura Mercier Powder Foundation

Estee Lauder Double Wear Eye Pencil

Estee Lauder Double Wear Eye Pencil

Estee Lauder Double Wear Liquid Eyeliner

Estee Lauder Double Wear Liquid Eyeliner

What’s In Your Makeup Bag?

19 Jun

Owl Makeup Bag from Rose Street Markets

Contents: Chanel tea rose blush, Maybelline yummy plummy lipstic, Kate BR-9 lipstick, Rimmel volume booster lipgloss in magnet, Paul & Joe Lipgloss 004, Chanel Chance perfume sample, Tweezerman tweezers, Advil, mirror my mum brought me back from china

Saturday Shopping

19 Jun

Despite the past horribly cold week we’ve had in Melbourne, today was absolutely gorgeous. So we made our way down to Brunswick for a friend’s garage sale. Didn’t find anything to further clutter our house with but since it was on Rose Street, I managed to convince my husband that he wanted to check out the Rose Street Markets. It was really good, lots of unique goodies, and I’d like to return when we’re in the area. Managed to suppress myself to just these 2 little makeup pouches from HMC Designs though. I’m using the owl one now and am debating whether to give the cute doggy one to a friend of mine who recently got a puppy (she is now dog obsessed, like i was when i got mine).

Game are having an excellent sale on games and I found a couple I’ve been wanting for really cheap. Very pleased. Not so pleased though when I saw Batman Arkham Asylum for only $18 because I paid $100 for it when it came out and I haven’t really touched it yet! I picket up:

  • Case Closed: One Truth Prevails – mainly got this for nostalgia as i used to really like the show/comic. The reviews aren’t great but for only $8 i can afford for it to be a little lackluster.
  • Infinite Undiscovery – I previously was playing it but stopped for a while then forgot what i was doing and couldn’t remember where to continue! Then hubby traded it somewhere! Planning to play it again but i don’t know when I’ll have time… I recall enjoying the story but real life kind of got in the way.
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers – always a fan of final fantasy. Not usually crystal chronicles because I’m not a social player but this one has a focus on single player.
  • Little King’s Story – reviews have been pretty good and it looks very cute. I look forward to ruling and conquering!

Now I just need my husband to stop hogging my Wii already so i can play these!

More pajamas from Myer because they were 3 for $35 this weekend.

Everyday for the past few weeks at 6am when i leave home i have been cursing like a sailor because i only have work skirts/dresses and no pants and it is bloody cold! Got these at Esprit for 30% off. Nice comfortable stretchy material. I’ll just have to get them shortened tomorrow.

Pressies from home

17 Jun

My mum went to Singapore lately and she mailed me some stuff 🙂 Usually she doesn’t buy me clothes because I’m picky but she picked up some pretty cute skirts for me from Zara this time as well as a couple of belts. I’m looking forward to wearing them all, the white flowered skirt might have to wait for warmer weather tho


She also got these Tiger “sahara” mugs. Red one for me, black one for my husband. They’re great for carrying hot or cold drinks. I’m going to use mine to take my tea to drink on the train in the mornings.

official website

Tiger Sahara Mug